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Sunday Rhythm Quest - by Tyson Stubelek

Things are really starting to take shape at the Sunday Rhythm Quest as we enter our 5th session! Using an African 12/8 bell pattern as a starting point, we have since branched out into an investigation of deriving multiple time streams from a given pulse (for our purposes, we have been thinking of beat 1 as an amount of time that can be divided up in any way). This has lead to some really fun group practice ideas. Initially, we began by working out and playing all the traditional parts of the bell pattern, but have since evolved into a deep investigation of the 2 and 3 pulse that is always running though African music (and our much beloved swing feel as well). We have been stepping in 4 while cycling though clapping in 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8… often times dividing up the group so that several of these are happening at once! It’s quite the work out, and is also fascinating! I am really pleased to be back in my hometown and a part of this community discussion and practice music. Looking forward to next week! Onward!

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