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Our focused private instruction for singer/songwriters includes:


Portland is chock full of singer/songwriters...YOU sing, YOU write songs, you might even play an do you stand out from the crowd? You will learn to improve your song writing and lyric construction – you'll study what makes a song GREAT, how the lyrics and the music feed each other. Learn how to build a Pro Press-kit. Study the concepts of top-level organization and productivity skills, both personal and professional. THESE are the recipes for success. Vocal and instrument performance, as well as rhythmic integration of instrument and vocal phrasing will be covered. The opportunity to record and produce your finished songs, as well as live performance events are all part of the package at AJAM.

Singer/Songwriter – How do you stand out from the crowd?



"I have owned a guitar for many years but never found a good way to learn how to play it. I have wanted to sing my entire life, but was told at a young age that I couldn’t. AJAM and Alan Jones changed that! Alan made me feel confident from the start, and provided a compassionate, safe place for me to pursue my long-time musical dreams. Thank you! I can now honestly say I am a musician and this reality has forever changed my life."


Nina Pileggi – Owner, Sunset Yoga

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