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Advanced Improvisation

Our focused private instruction in advanced improvisation includes:


In Advanced Improvisation you'll learn to play and truly understand the ultra cool thing you heard that famous person play. Not just transcribe it and learn to play it, but how to bring it into your playing, change it, develop it until it becomes “your thing”. Solo organization – the art of identifying and using melodic, rhythmic and harmonic “devices” to structure a solo will be studied. Material will cover building the shapes and contours of an 8 bar pop solo, a 20 minute extended improvisation, and everything in between. However long or short, you'll learn to tell a story with your solos, and flat out just perform better.













"The AJAM Program is a reformation program that deals with the skills necessary to be a successful, professional musician anywhere on earth. The skills I have leaned here I have seen work in different states and countries. It has provided me with many opportunities. The more you perform the more you learn. I've met some famous dudes as a result. It was good. At AJAM there is a level of expectation concerning performance and attendance and punctuality that creates a community of people that necessitates musical growth. The expectation of commitment elevates us all."


Jon Lakey – AJAM instructor, professional musician & former student

Advanced Improv – Tell a story with

your solos.


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