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Our focused private instruction in theory/harmony includes:


Some of the reasons you may want to improve your understanding of music theory and harmony: 


REALLY KNOW what you're playing and listening to. Topics covered will include thorough scale knowledge, chord instruction and harmonic and melodic analysis. The goal will be to hear and retain the sound of melodies and chord progressions, understanding the NATURAL LAWS that make them compelling.


The goal is to free yourself of the harmony, to have it work in you unnoticed like breathing.









"As a musician coming from a very small town in Michigan, I moved to Portland somewhat blind, just looking to get on the scene. I met Alan at one of the jam sessions and have been studying at AJAM since. AJAM has not only allowed me to meet and learn from some of not only the best musicians in Portland but some of the best in the world. Alan provides honest, reliable feedback that pushes musicians young and old, beginning and advanced, to be the best they can be, something that is hard to finds in the public schools and universities, or anywhere for that matter."


Jonathan Letts – AJAM Student/Professional Musician

Free yourself of having to THINK about theory and harmony and just play it.

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