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Our focused private instruction in composing and arranging includes:


Why are the Beatles, Bach and Duke Ellington forever relevant? In Composition/Arranging, students learn what makes a song GREAT. Arranging for both small and large groups will be covered. Lessons will consist of a thorough exploration of rhythm, melody, harmony, tone/timbre, form, structure and lyric. Learning and exploring the essential elements of GREAT songs and then using those studies in weekly writing assignments will culminate in fully conceived and arranged compositions. Composers will have opportunities for selected original works to be played and recorded by AJAM ensembles.

"Studying composition with Alan is extremely rewarding. Alan urges you to compose songs that challenge you and target the weaknesses in your playing. Composing in this way was very new to me and helped me to overcome some of the obstacles I had, and still have, as a musician. Alan is also very adamant about making legible, professional charts to better establish yourself as a serious musician."


Brandon Braun – AJAM student/Professional Musician

Learn what makes a song GREAT, and then create your own masterpieces.



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