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Private Instruction

AJAM offers individual instruction on any instrument, taught by some of the best musicians in the Northwest.


Whether you're picking up an instrument for the first time or have been playing for 30 years, AJAM's private instruction will help develop knowledge and skills, bringing your musical capabilities to the next level.



Individual Instruction with Group Performance in Mind


Private instruction is also a key component to working with a group. Students that take both weekly private lessons AND play in an ensemble progress exponentially in their musicality and are able to use the theoretical studies learned privately, in a real world ensemble setting. The back and forth blending of weekly private and ensemble lessons is the ideal way to work at AJAM and differentiates the Academy from other music learning systems.



Tailored Program


At AJAM each student is seen as an individual with specific goals and needs. The student and instructor work together to decide upon and plan the course the instruction will take. Some want to seriously study and develop their craft. Others want a hobby that will be fun and interesting. We believe music is for all people and we are committed to providing every student the tools to understand and create their own.



Core lessons for all instruments revolve around:


  • Developing greater skill and proficiency on your instrument

  • The mechanics of creating a really good, as well as personal, tone

  • How rhythm and time integrate with how good you actually sound

  • How to seriously organize your practice time, and of course, what to practice

  • Performance tips... and opportunities

  • History: How the musicians you love have done it



Focused private instruction is also available in specific
areas of study:


Advanced Improvisation


At AJAM, each student is seen as an individual with specific goals and needs. 



"Throughout my studies we worked on understanding fundamental musical skills and structures (improvisation and solo construction, sound, harmony, composition, ear training, singing, rhythm and time, the lineage of jazz music and other musics, musical language and vocabulary, communication and interaction) as well as opening my mind to the infinite possibilities of improvisation through greater knowledge and understanding of the Self. Alan’s emphasis on the individual in his personal and musical philosophy has given me the courage to work on myself as an individual and, ultimately, the quest towards bringing out that individual in my music. I can say with absolute certainty that I would not be the musician I am today without Alan Jones and his school."


Nicole Glover – Professional Musician



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