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Kaleb Davies


By the age of four years old, Kaleb began receiving piano lessons from his mother, Dianne Davies – a classically trained pianist. His parents bought him his first drum kit in the fourth grade, and he began playing in a trio with his mother(piano) and brother(guitar/bass). Here he was exposed to playing standards such as Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five” and Coltrane’s recording of “My Favorite Things”. He would also spend the next nine years learning to play very quietly at his Lutheran church.


In High school, Kaleb played snare and quads in the marching band, played in the wind ensemble and jazz bands, sang in choir, became the principal percussionist of the Portland Youth Philharmonic, won second at state for orchestral snare and third for timpani, and tore it up at basketball games with his double bass drum pedals.


After high school, Kaleb began studying at AJAM and teaching out of his parents’ home. He has focused much of his energy towards becoming a metal session drummer, and he currently plays in three metal bands.

Among other things, he writes drum/cajon parts for and plays with Mike Hsu’s modern classical ensemble ARCO-PDX, plays at Calvary Chapel Community Church in Tigard, sings and drums in his bass and drum duo Regular Things, and occasionally writes instrumental technical metal.


Kaleb has studied drums/percussion with Tim Stubelek, Jen Burns, Tyler Bragg, Todd Straight, Jon Greeney, and Alan Jones.


Kaleb continues to strive to become a versatile musician and teacher whose goal is to be able to share the little talent and whole lotta love God has given him in a variety of musical situations.





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Kaleb has been a musician his entire life and loves teaching others his passion.



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