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AJAM Groove Squad

(Ages 7 - 13)

The AJAM Groove Squad is an ensemble of up to 20 kids who learn to play traditional and popular songs using the “Tribal Method”. Each kid learns and plays their own simple and manageable part on an instrument of their choice. Individual parts are combined with others and a song magically emerges! The Groove Squad focuses on concepts of songwriting, musical identity, (finding your unique musical voice), inspired improvisation, effective group communication and recording. Together, kids will learn how to write and record original songs using anything they can get their hands on-- digital recorders, smart phones and programs like Garageband. This class could be thought of as a precursor to the AJAM Intermediate and Advanced ensembles. The Groove Squad gets kids excited about music in a friendly, non-competitive environment. AJAM's hope is that Groove Squad members get a complete musical experience: Rhythm – Melody - Harmony – Tone - Form, an opportunity to meet new friends, build spectacular brain cells, perform for their communities, and best of all, focus on one of the most fundamental concepts in music... and life, GROOVE.


“Make Groove, Not ______”



Groove Squad gets kids excited about music in a non-competitive environment.



"Alan Jones is a master teacher in the best jazz tradition. His love and understanding for music, and his ability to communicate both as a player and a teacher are truly exceptional. He is an example and an inspiration to me in my work."


Darrell Grant, Professor of Music, Portland State University

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