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Beginning/Intermediate Bands

(All Ages)

In AJAM Beginning/Intermediate Band, musicians learn the ins and outs of playing in a band, develop greater skill and ability on their instruments, and build self-confidence in a collaborative, FUN group atmosphere.


Comprehensive curriculum includes:

  • The dynamics of playing in a group

  • Reading skills

  • Listening skills

  • The “big 3”; melody, rhythm and harmony

  • Improvisation


Although “the jazz sensibility” - with its blend of individual and group interaction as well as the strong technique that flows from it - is at the foundation of the program, a variety of genres will be explored including funk, r&b, afro-cuban, latin, rock and hip hop.


Students will learn and study the defining songs of the musical styles THEY care about. They'll investigate the important musicians and recordings, learn each specific part, simulate the style, and then put that into practice with the band. The end goal will be to craft each song into a blend of “how they did it” and “how WE do it”!







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"AJAM has been a constant source of inspiration to me over the years. It provides a vibrant community and an environment that encourages positive, creative growth. Alan is an incredibly gifted teacher. Every student of Alan’s receives his utmost attention and personal commitment to guiding the student towards achieving a greater depth of musicianship in all areas. He teaches his students how to learn - perhaps the most valuable tool any student could possess... Alan’s emphasis on the individual in his personal and musical philosophy has given me the courage to work on myself as an individual and, ultimately, the quest towards bringing out that individual in my music. I can say with absolute certainty that I would not be the musician I am today without Alan Jones and his school."


Nicole Glover

Beg/Intermediate – Learn the ins and outs of playing with a band.



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