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Alan Jones

Born from humble Pacific Northwest roots, Alan Jones has enjoyed a rich performing career both in Portland and across Europe. Beginning his touring career at just 16 years old with Amsterdam-based organist Count Dutch, Alan’s performing career has since travelled into an escapade involving some of jazz’s greatest living artists. As a performer, Alan’s discography ranges from local legends such as Jim Pepper and Ralph Towner to international phenomena like Kenny Wheeler and Lee Konitz. His own band, the Alan Jones Sextet, has recorded four albums to date and performs regularly. Alan also leads several other groups, most

notably Social Music, which enjoy a regular performing schedule in some of Portland’s most notable venues. Alan Jones’ Social Music presents music “for the people,” aiming to create an atmosphere of refreshment, relaxation, and camaraderie.


In addition to maintaining a steady performing career, Alan has established himself as one of Portland’s premier jazz educators. Established 2007, the Alan Jones Academy of Music (AJAM) has gained a reputation of producing excellent musicians – students routinely appear on local stages, produce their own records, and even participate in international festivals. AJAM’s all- inclusive atmosphere has made a mark on Portland’s jazz scene, allowing students of all ages and abilities to thrive musically. Recently, with groups like Social Music, Alan has pioneered a movement to make live music more accessible to the public and more contributive to a friendly and social atmosphere.

Photo of Alan Jones by Reed Ricker

Alan's love and understanding of music led him to the creation of AJAM.



Photo by Reed Ricker

" “Alan Jones is one of the world’s great living jazz musicians, a completely natural, intuitive and profound musical explorer. I’ve know Alan for almost 30 years and he is my favorite drummer to play with, bar none. His depth of knowledge of, and appreciation for, the tradition of jazz is evident from the first beat, whether he’s playing his main instrument, drum set, or one of his other axes like bass, saxophone, jazz vocals or piano. As composer, arranger, virtuoso drummer and master teacher, Alan always expresses the joy of his life through music. He’s a very demanding teacher (I’m still working on my lessons with him!), but it’s worth the effort. The Alan Jones experience is not one to miss.” 


Andy Middleton, Professor of Jazz Compostion, Jazz Theory and Jazz Saxophone, Vienna Conservatory - Vienna, Austria


Alan Jones proudly endorses Mapex drums and hardware.

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