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AJAM Instrument Laboratories

(All Ages, All Abilities)


(2hr sessions, 1x/week)


Instrument Labs are group classes where we go in-depth, studying the essential techniques and concepts of your chosen instrument. These are classes where you work and play with others who share your interests, and with the guidance of our fabulous instructors, get down to the business of learning ALL THINGS about playing the instrument you love. The bullet points below are but a hint of the range of topics covered:

Drum Lab covers topics like:
  • Sticking patterns

  • Comping

  • Soloing

  • Brushes, including pointed study of the best: Philly Joe Jones, Vernell Fournier, Ed Thigpen

  • Drum set grooves

  • Grip

  • Sight reading

  • Rudimental studies

  • Improvisational skills

  • Song forms

  • Styles: swing, ballads, latin, funk, hip-hop, rock and the numerous “fusions” that exist in our modern world

  • Working within the rhythm section

  • Working with a soloist

  • Standard repertoire for the drum set

  • Numerous songs will be analyzed, studied, and memorized

  • Polyrhythmic studies including metric modulation, multi-simultaneous patterns, and cross rhythms

  • Moeller technique and it's off-shoots

  • Metronome games!

Guitar Lab covers topics like:
  • Ensemble group-playing skills

  • Comping techniques

  • Making great melodies

  • Soloing skills

  • Sight reading

  • Improvisation within the ensemble

  • Interpretation of lead sheets

  • Blend / balance

  • Rhythm / time feel

  • Standard repertoire

  • Exercises, drills and weekly assignments

  • Scales and arpeggios

  • Voicings

  • Harmonizing melodies

  • Numerous songs will be analyzed, studied, and memorized



Get down to the business of learning ALL about the instrument you love.

"Even now that I am at college, I believe that my time spent at the Alan Jones Academy of Music was some of the most valuable time I have had in my development as a young musician. The engaging, “unsugar-coated” method of teaching, as well as the community that has been established because of it, will continue to be one of the greatest highlights of my experience as a music student."


Aaron Reihs – former AJAM student, currently on a Music Scholarship at USC



"Alan Jones is a committed and passionate artist-teacher who has continued to devote his energy to his students' (and his own) serious growth and accomplishment. Alan's sheer energy and his love of music, teaching, and the artistic process inspires those around him, both students and seasoned musicians.”Tom WakelingChair, Music DepartmentClackamas Community College“Very few people on this planet made me realize that confidence in your real inner dreams is it! Alan is one of them!"


Francois Theberge, Jazz Professor - Paris Conservatory



"The Alan Jones Academy of Music offers a premiere educational experience, comparable to the quality of course work at any esteemed music conservatory or university in the world. AJAM is the place for students serious about jazz and improvisation to hone their skills while fostering their own unique sounds. Additionally, students can develop their abilities in multiple areas, such as: composition, arranging, and stylistic analysis, all areas Alan Jones is more than competent in. Alan's vast experience and unique perspective makes him one of the most special people in the music world."


Noah Hocker – former AJAM student/Professional Musician



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