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(Ages 30 something +)

After Hours is for the career and post-career adult with a serious love of music and the time for finally enjoying and reconnecting with their musical genes. It gives people a creative outlet for their music. Players enjoy the camaraderie of being in a band while at the same time working toward improving their musicianship.


The After Hours “concept” is one of atmosphere... loose, relaxed, inviting. The different ensembles are tailored to the kind of progress the individual wants to make.


Whether you want to just play, hang and enjoy yourself, work toward becoming a gigging musician - or all of the above, there's an ensemble for everyone. Building “chops,” developing and growing repertoire, honing arrangements, the dynamics of playing in a group, and maybe even enjoying a good glass of wine are all part of the curriculum.




Playing in a group, and maybe even a glass of wine are part of the curriculum.


"The two years I spent with Alan are still paying dividends for this 67 year old man. I have some great memories...The best memory is when Alan brought out the recording gear and a Saxophone and we did some free improvisation. I still have the recordings! AJAM kept and keeps my transplanted heart beating, I mean that seriously. I am a heart transplant recipient and my cardiologist agrees that drumming on a regular basis is contributing to my longevity, nearly 25 years now since the transplant."


William Whitlatch – Retired Entrepreneur

"For anyone thinking "Alan's a drummer - I'm a horn player - what could he teach me?" Short answer - a lot. Learning jazz and playing in a combo is pretty much independent of your instrument and Alan is a master of instruction."


Hugh Amick – Retired Entrepreneur

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