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AJAM Advanced Ensembles

(Ages 16 - 30 something)

The AJAM Advanced Ensembles are for those dedicated to achieving the highest levels of musical proficiency. Focus in the Advanced Ensembles will include further development and honing of essential musicianship skills as well as the acceleration of a professional career in the music world. These ensembles cater to the professional and semi-professional musician wishing to achieve the next level ... fostering personal and band identity, reviewing and analyzing video and audio from live performances, establishing an extensive repertoire including advanced work with the structural components of forms, intros, interludes and endings, and coaching in business development and band promotion through social media and other advertising outlets.


Areas of study include:

  • Advanced improvisational concepts

  • Thorough study of jazz lineage

  • Comprehensive repertoire

  • Development of original compositions




Achieve the next level of professionalism in Advanced Ensembles.



"This is a reformation program that deals with the skills necessary to be a successful professional musician anywhere on Earth. The things I have learned and the people I've met through AJAM have provided me with opportunities to perform all over the world. At AJAM there is a level of expectation in regard to performance, accountability, punctuality and community that necessitates musical growth. That expectation of commitment elevates us all."


Jon “Sticky” Lakey

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