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About AJAM

The Alan Jones Academy of Music or “AJAM,” is a unique music education system. It's a place where people who are dedicated to their art have the opportunity to learn not just about music, but also what it means to develop as a creative human being.

Instruction for All Ages


AJAM provides group and individual music education programs for all ages and all skill levels. Whether you’re a parent wishing to provide a musical and intellectual head start for your child, a high school student wanting to get to the next level of skill in order to win that college scholarship, a working musician wanting to push their personal boundaries and make a lasting contribution to the music world, a professional or a retiree wanting to recapture the joy of playing in a group and making great music, AJAM has a program for you.


Lifelong Learning


Founded in 2007 by Drummer, Composer and Berklee alumni Alan Jones, AJAM sets itself apart with program offerings designed to engage and follow musicians from youth through the end of their days, and in the process build a strong foundation of knowledge based on the pillars of rhythm, melody, harmony and tone.


Group and Individual Instruction


AJAM provides an opportunity (environment) for students to take both weekly private lessons AND play in an ensemble. Those that take advantage of this multi-dimensional approach progress exponentially in their musicality, and are able to use the theoretical studies learned in their private lessons immediately in a real world ensemble setting. The back and forth blending of weekly private and ensemble lessons is the ideal way to work at AJAM and differentiates the Academy from other music learning systems.


AJAM offers beginning, intermediate and advanced private instruction on all instruments including private lessons focused on theory/harmony, composition, singer/songwriting and individual improvisation.


There are no “courses,” no “terms”... musicians at AJAM form ongoing, long-term relationships with both their instructors and their fellow musicians, allowing the development of free flowing thought and ideas and providing a place of community for its participants.


An AJAM Program for You


Browse through our programs to find the right one for you or your child, then contact us to find out how to become a part of AJAM.

AJAM allows students to take both weekly private lessons AND play in an ensemble.



"I have learned so much from AJAM, not only about music but life in general. If you want to become a musician or if you just want to learn from a great teacher, AJAM is the place to go in Portland."


Kyle Zimmerman – AJAM Student


"During my time in Portland, AJAM became a second home for me. I looked forward to our weekly sessions as much as I did anything else. Not only did Alan teach me a lot about music but he was a mentor to me in other ways as well. I'll be forever grateful for that."


Marty Gottlieb-Hollis – former AJAM student, currently making his musical way through Philadelphia

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